Telehealth Application on Google Cloud (available for white labelling)

Sample Screen of the Telehealth Application

Telehealth Platform Overview and Features

The rest of this blog briefly describes the platform’s features.

  1. A patient portal provides functionalities such as scheduling visits, interacting with a doctor, asking questions, viewing history, etc.
  2. Doctors/Nurses portal with appointment calendars, interact with patients, write prescriptions, order lab reports, and billing.
  3. Integration with pharmacies.
  4. Integration with labs.
  5. Integration with payment gateway.
Telehealth Platform 360 Degree

Secure, Scalable, Robust

The telehealth application uses Google Cloud as the underlying cloud platform. The Google Cloud provides infrastructure-level capabilities such as scalable clustering technology (GKE), scalable and fail-proof databases, and best-of-breed security. Overlayed on the top of the Google Cloud, Trillo Workbench provides application platform functions such as data modeling, database integration, files management, secure APIs, identity management, integration with 3rd party services, etc. Developers can add a thin layer of application behavior as plug-ins on top of the solid foundation the Google Cloud and Trillo Workbench provide.

Layered Architecture of Telehealth Platform

Customization Capabilities

One key feature that makes the telehealth platform suitable for white-labeling is the ease of customization. The Trillo Workbench provides customization flexibility through its extensive use of metadata and plug-in in the design. The application can easily adapt to the new use cases by changing the metadata and plug-ins.

More Info

Visit for more info about Trillo Workbench. Or, visit to find out about its Telehealth SaaS service.



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